Are you too busy as a CEO?

Are you one of those CEOs who are constantly on the run, try to squeeze 80 minutes in an hour, and look like Atlas, supporting the Earth? Have you catched yourself thinking “If it’s not for me, it may all fall apart”. If so, I have some bad news for you – most probably you are not the solution, you are the problem.

It feels good when you are needed – the adrenaline rush; demonstrating your knowledge; making smart decisions; coming out of impossible situations. And it is certainly indulging for the ego.

There are, though, two big problems about this situation:

  1. You become a bottleneck and limit the development of your organization
  2. You are wearing out too quickly (read burnout, stressed-out, etc.)

If you are way too busy as a CEO it is most probably due to one of the following 5 reasons:

  1. You do not delegate properly.

It’s hard for us to admit it but we are either in a “no one can do the job better” state, or we can’t get productivity out of our team.

2. Your organization needs focus.

Your organization tries to deal with more projects than it is currently capable of.

3. Your company is understaffed.

If you take too many tasks/ roles just because you have no one to delegate them to, it’s hiring time… and you are already late.

4. Chaos takes over your head.

Incorporate some planning and productivity habits in your daily routine. I promise it will be as hard as Hell… but as beneficial as Heaven in the long run.

5. Your company is in a high-growth stage.

Congratulation! That’s a problem we all want to have

The reason for your busyness may not be a single one but a mix of 2 or 3. They are all connected . E.g. – If your company is losing focused you will most probably end up understaffed. One reason plays the leading role, though. Which is it in your particular case?

About me: Apart from acting as a CEO of DEV.BG (the biggest IT community in Bulgaria) I help CEOs of small companies build their business. If you face a case I can help you with, drop me a message on LinkedIN.

Excuse my English 🙂 English is not my mother tongue and as you have seen it may be improved. Though, I believe that my level of command of the language covers the basic criteria in order for me to convey my ideas.

image: pixabay

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